About us

We established our horse rescue in 2018 in Lake Worth, Florida. We opened the rescue due to the overabundant amount of horses in our own state that are often found neglected and abused or left behind by racehorse owners because they are no longer capable of racing. Other horses have been abandoned for various reasons including the declining health or financial position of the owner, or more simply, the horse cannot be sold. All too often, we see news stories about horses starving throughout the area. These horses are often taken by the authorities and euthanized because so many are too old or un-ridable due to injuries, etc. and no one wants to adopt them.

Diamond B’s Last Chance Horse Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) charity and a place where these horses have a chance at a dignified and peaceful existence. They will have a roof over their heads, food, medical attention and given assurance that they will be okay. The horses that can be rehabilitated will be adopted out to a qualified home. For those that cannot be placed due to age or medical conditions, then they have found their “forever sanctuary” home.

Running a horse rescue and sanctuary does not come without its challenges. Lately, we have taken in four horses from a local rescue that was forced to shut down. Prior to the four, we rescued two old ponies that were living in very poor conditions and three from a Kill Pen. We are in constant need of feed, shavings, fly spray, fans and medical supplies.

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Sponsorships are welcome.

We are including photos of our current horses that are presently in our care getting ready for adoption and those that we have classified as our Sanctuary Horses. Under our Sponsorship page you can choose the horse you would specifically like to help or just sponsor in general. We sincerely appreciate and thank you for any contribution you make to help us save these beautiful helpless creatures.