save a horse

Save a Horse

Our objective and purpose is to keep abused, unwanted or neglected horses in a safe and nurturing environment.

We offer help to equine owners in times of natural or personal disaster.

If we are able to rehab these horses, we will put them up for adoption. For those that are too old or cannot be rehabilitated, we will give them their forever home.

Our Beautiful Horses

Thanks to your generous donations we're able to save these horses.

Meet the horses we have up for adoption and see their transformation.


Sponsorships are welcome.

We are including photos of our current horses that are presently in our care getting ready for adoption and those that we have classified as our Sanctuary Horses. Under our Sponsorship page you can choose the horse you would specifically like to help or just sponsor in general. We sincerely appreciate and thank you for any contribution you make to help us save these beautiful helpless creatures.